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Bathrooms Tiling

When it comes to building a new home or renovating your existing home, one of the most important areas that creates a lasting impression is how well your bathroom is designed . Because bathrooms, toilets and showers are the most frequently used areas of the house every day, they tend to erode and damage over time.

Bathrooms over the age of ten usually suffer from the accumulation of molds, cracks or broken tiles as well as fading or cracking of the plaster. Alongside these issues, older homes over 20 years old can boast long-outdated designs and require a real facelift instead of the latest old bathroom designs that create negative impressions with home guests.

As the real estate market is hotter than ever, more and more old homes for sale. Many customers gave us the impression that home buyers are looking for a great working number when choosing which home to buy, and a newly tiled bathroom can help create a lasting impression with potential guests and buyers.

Why choose  CND tiling contractor for your bathroom tiles?

Over the past ten years, we have completed hundreds of bathroom tile services in new and stable homes in Melbourne. Our professionals are trained to do the job the first time. In fact, we are regularly contracted to repair jobs that other tilers cannot do properly. We strive to achieve the best possible result through your bathroom tiles, which you and our team will be proud of for years to come.

Bathroom design options and features

When tiling your bathroom, visiting a tile warehouse and researching hundreds of tile and plaster options can be a tiring process. Our interior design advisory service can help you narrow the tiles and plaster options most suitable for your bathroom. Since we have bulk accounts with major tile importers in Melbourne, in most cases, we will be able to get a good price for tiling materials for your project as part of our value-added services. When it comes to materials, most tailors in Melbourne are trying to save costs by using cheap adhesives, endangering the overall result or the overall longevity of the tiles.

For example, complex wall mosaics require a strong adhesive to hold it in place, although a common practice in this area is to use a standard adhesive on the walls for application behind the mosaic, which can stick to the wall or fall over time. Depending on the type, thickness and weight of each slab, depending on the surface to which it applies, we will use the appropriate glue and plaster.
Our bathroom specialties

Our specialties for bathroom tile services are:

Design shower and tiled wall stalls to improve the visual appearance, as well as functional storage of personal care products in the bathroom.
Non-slip flooring tiles and tiled shower bases with elegant drainage waterfalls, and the latest designs in drainage nets for a great visual touch.

Tiling Contractors

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Melbourne Professional Tiler

We do all kinds of Tiling Solutions including Tiles ScreedingTiles Replacement, Tiles Resurfacing, Tiles grouting and Re-groutingKitchen TilingResidential Tiling, Commercial TilingTiles RenovationTiles Installation and Tiles Restoration.

Kitchen Tiling

While constructing a new house or a new portion in the house, you made sure you use the best quality of tiles with extended durability. You were confident they would never wear out as you were keen on maintaining it...

Residential Tiling

At Melbourne we have the expertise and experience to handle your commercial or residential concrete and tile flooring installation or repair.whether you need an uneven or damaged subsurface...

Commercial Tiling

Commercial areas such as offices, shops and shopping malls require universal, technical flooring solutions as well as products that last over time. We give the finishing touch to your office furnishings, by tiling the...

Tiles Replacement

At Melbourne Tiling, we are expert in domestic and commercial tiling jobs. Damaged tiles can destroy the look of an entire room. This can also diminish the value of the entire room where you have invested a lot...

Tiles Resurfacing

Tile resurfacing transforms the appearance of old bathroom wall tiles without the process of retiling or ripping the tiles. In minimum time and inconvenience tile resurfacing is cheaper and this method prevent...

Tiles Renovation

Melbourne Tiling provides the best tiling services in. We offer tiling services for small and large projects in Condominiums, HBDs, and even commercial areas. Our services include direct wall and flooring tile work such...

Grouting & Regrouting

Tiles are often in good condition but grout is either heavily stained or cracked, leaving the tiled area looking dual ,shabby or even unsightly tile regrouting is a process that will dramatically improve the appearance of any tiled area that has...

Tiles Installation

Tile is a durable and great looking flooring and kitchen option homeowners love. it's perfect for high traffic areas in your home and rooms. That's are susceptible to dirt moisture and humidity. Certain types of tile installation are also a treat for cold ...


Tiles Screeding includes in our tiling Services. We are providing the services of Tile Screeding in Malbourne. One of the main causes of floor failure is to avoid the cracked screeds. Keep reading to be aware of dealing with cracks and screeds. What are...

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We are dedicated to work with our customers from start to finish in Melbourne. An effort to design and create your vision for a practical and elegant finish to any room or area inside or out of the household. We offer, a wealth of advice from both our own experience and our technical expertise, whether the job is a simple refurbishment, or a complete overhaul. CND Tiling Contractor Melbourne is a reliable tiling company assigning quality tiling service. Our professional tilers in Melbourne, pay a exceptional responsiveness to planning the layout of your tiling project. We use the latest tools that allow us to perform the strongest of projects perfectly. Our tiling services are in Carlton, Docklands, East Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington, North Melbourne, Hotham Hill, Macaulay, Park ville, Royal Park, Port Melbourne, South Bank, South Wharf, South Yarra and West Melbourne.

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Chase Tiles is the name you should trust when it comes to refurbishing your home with tiles for the walls as well as floors. From Frankston to Springvale, we aim to assist every homeowner around Melbourne with quality tiles everywhere in your house

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James S
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“You guys were great to deal with. Returning calls, showing up on time. Was really happy with the quality of the work. Also levelled my floor and went above and beyond to get the job done, coming by on Saturday to grout and Sunday to finish the caulking.” Done Great Job in Melbourne
Angelina White
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“CND Tiling Contractor is very helpful and comes at time and finish at time with very good prices , very happy to deal with them.”
David Watson
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“We contacted CND Tiling Contractor for a quote to renovate our bathroom, and you were fantastic. Team is responsive, honest, professional and we were very happy with all his work.”
Alex Haul
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“Excellent work done, no more leaks in my wet room. Very cooperative and hardworking team!”
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